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Temporary Evacuation Points and Shelters

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The TEP at Laguna High School (formerly El Molino) will be shut down at noon today, June 18, 2024. People impacted by the Point Fire can call 2-1-1 for information and resources. Those who sustained damage to their homes will be directed to Red Cross. All other unmet needs will be referred to the appropriate social services.

Alerts, warnings & orders

In the event of an emergency, the County will stand up a temporary evacuation point (TEP) to direct residents to sheltering resources. If residents decide to evacuate at this time, please consider local resources including staying with friends or relatives. A Temporary Evacuation Point is the first contact point for evacuees during an emergency, to begin the process of finding appropriate short term or long term shelter. A Temporary Evacuation Point is a place to safely park, get emergency information, gather your thoughts, call family and friends, make a plan, identify a place to stay, wait for a public evacuation shelter to open, use a public restroom and get bottled water and a snack.

For those who who cannot self-evacuate due to physical disability or other access and/or functional needs, visit SoCoEmergency’s Evacuation Assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

TEPs were developed during COVID-19 to provide sheltering in non-congregate settings, like hotels, dormitories or campgrounds. They have become a great place to gather during evacuations to provide information and a safe place to wait for shelter options to be identified. Health screenings for COVID-19 may be required for evacuees before entering a shelter, but not when arriving at a TEP. All are welcome! Bilingual staff will be available at the TEP for those who don’t speak English.

Locations won’t likely be near you if you are being evacuated, the goal is to get you away from the danger. They will often be located in a large parking lot close to a major highway and often co-located with an evacuation shelter.

Call 211 or visit SoCoEmergency.org to find the TEP closest to you. A TEP will be available soon after an evacuation is ordered. Don’t worry if you arrive to an identified TEP before services are available – they’ll be there soon!

TEP staff will be available to offer personalized support and resources regardless of immigration status or disability. Typically, tents will be established at TEP sites where staff will be able to provide support resources and assistance in planning appropriate shelter. Staff will also be able to consult directly in the parking lot if mobility issues are of concern or for those parked in a handicap spot.

Additional supports will be provided to those with:

  • Disability needs
  • Pets and animals
  • COVID positive evacuees

Yes! TEPs are a safe place to stay until plans for sheltering are made.

  • Immigration status will not be revealed and ICE is not allowed on the premises. Immigration authorities are not allowed in emergency shelters or any disaster-related assistance operations.
  • COVID precautions will be taken. People will remain in their cars and must wear masks when interacting with others

The TEP goal is to offer a temporary safe place while considering evacuation options such as county shelters, friends, family, hotels or short term rentals. Evacuees will stay in vehicles until plans are made.

While at a TEP, the following will be available:

  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Power to charge devices