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Know your Zone – Sonoma County Evacuation Zones Maps

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County of Sonoma and its incorporated cities are establishing standardized evacuation zones for the County. In the past evacuation zones were different for each incident, now your zone will remain mostly the same, you can learn your zone for home and work and be ready to go when an alert requesting your zone evacuate is issued.

Please write down your zone, and consider learning the zones near your residence and workplace as well to provide a bigger picture of what is happening. Your out of town relatives may be interested in knowing your zone as well for their own situational awareness.

Find your Zone – Two Ways

Please Note: Zones may change slightly from time to time. Please review your zone regularly.

1. Use the Zone Lookup Tool

Enter your address into the field provided below to find your zone and evacuation status.

2. Use the County’s interactive Evacuation Zone Map

Enter your address in the field in the top left corner to find your zone, evacuation status, road closures, and more.

See the County’s Evacuation Zone Map »