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November 2, 2020 1:17 PM

What is being done to address hazardous burned trees in the fire-impacted areas?

City/County Hazardous Tree Removal in Public Right of Way in Fire-Impacted Areas
Cal-Trans, County of Sonoma, and City of Santa Rosa crews and/or their contractors are assessing fire-damaged trees within the public right-of-way to evaluate their level of damage and risk to public safety and the right of way. Burned trees that present an “imminent” risk to public safety and roadways are being removed now. Right-of-way trees categorized as presenting a “moderate” risk will be left at this time. Each agency is assessing/ removing the right-of-way trees located within their respective jurisdictions.

The City of Santa Rosa has also removed fire-damaged trees from Open Space areas in the city limit burn areas.

PG&E Hazardous Tree Removal in Fire-Impacted Areas
Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) contract crews are conducting inspections to identify and address hazardous trees along power lines that may have been damaged by the fire, this includes work that may impact residents/ private property.

Per PG&E, customers can expect the following:

  • Hazardous trees are being marked to identify them for work. A tree marked P1 (Priority 1) is fire damaged and highly likely to pose a threat to PG&E facilities and will be removed as quickly as possible. A tree marked P2 (Priority 2) is fire damaged but not highly likely to pose an imminent threat to PG&E facilities but do require eventual removal to mitigate the threat. PG&E has indicated P2 tree removal will be completed by April 2021.
  • PG&E will reach out to notify property owners who may be impacted by this work.
  • Wood from felled trees/pruning cannot be removed by PG&E since trees are considered assets and property that legally belong to the property owner. However, at the property owner’s request, PG&E will chip smaller limbs (4 inched in diameter or less) and can spread the chips on site.
  • In some areas, tree crews will lop and scatter wood debris in accordance with California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Forest Practice Rules to avoid excessive vegetation build-up.

Customers with questions or concerns about this work should contact PG&E at 1-800-743-5000 or visit PGE.com/Trees.

Hazardous Tree Removal on Private Property
In the City of Santa Rosa, for removing damaged trees or trees suspected to be damaged on private property, property owners should follow the City’s guidance.