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PG&E Wildfire Tree Hauling Program

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Pacific Gas & Electric Company has initiated a 2020 wildfire tree hauling program and has been notifying property owners of the program. Many property owners have fallen trees on their property that PG&E cut down when the utility performed its post-fire utility restoration work and this program may allow property owners the option of having PG&E come onto their property to remove those fallen trees. Removal of these trees can be a considerable expense.

This program is being run solely by PG&E and is independent of the State of California’s debris removal program. All property owners that have had trees felled by PG&E during the 2020 wildfire recovery process may be eligible for this program. Property owners are encouraged to contact PG&E to learn more about the program and eligibility criteria. The County understands that property owners may be asked to sign a permission form to enter the program.

The County of Sonoma does not have any further information on PG&E’s program, and all inquiries should be directed to WildfireWoodManagement@pge.com or 1-800-PGE-5000.