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Walbridge/Meyers Fire Damage Assessments

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Damage Assessments for Walbridge/Meyers Fire

Initial Damage Assessment

CAL FIRE has released a map of properties damaged and destroyed in the Walbridge and Meyers fires. All data is preliminary and numerous sites still require confirmation. View the map here.

Safety Assessment

Rapid Evaluation Safety Assessment, also known as RESA, is an important step in assessing the damage and safety concerns of structures after a natural disaster. The assessment allows people to use safe homes and businesses, and ensures that people are prohibited from entering unsafe structures after a disaster. RESA Inspectors are experienced building construction and engineering professionals who have been certified through the California Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES).

RESA Inspectors will be clearly identifiable and able to present agency credentials upon request. The County is currently working on the RESA inspections, and will share a map here when the data is available.

Inspection Tags:

Green (Inspected) – Buildings can be damaged, yet remain safe – the safety of the building was not significantly changed by the disaster. 

Yellow (Restricted Use) – There is some risk from damage in all or part of the building that does not warrant red-tagging. Buildings with yellow tags have limited use, with case-by-case restrictions. 

Red (Unsafe) – Buildings are damaged and pose an imminent threat to life or safety under expected loads or other unsafe conditions.

Before returning to your home or business, please review information on safety when returning to your home or business after a fire.