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December 21, 2021 3:19 PM

Order of the Health Officer of the County of Sonoma C19-31-Q

This Sonoma County Health Order is no longer in effect. This content is provided for historical reference only.

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Updated Public Health Emergency Quarantine Order for COVID-19

DATE OF ORDER: December 21, 2021

Please read this Order carefully.  Violation of or failure to comply with this Order is a misdemeanor punishable by fine, imprisonment, or both.  (California Health and Safety Code § 120275, et seq.)


  1. This revised Order supersedes the County of Sonoma Health Officer Order C19-22 dated June 4, 2021, and is in effect beginning at 12:01 a.m. on December 22, 2021 until rescinded, superseded, or amended in writing by the Health Officer.
  2. All persons who have had close contact (within 6 feet for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period) with a person who has COVID-19, or who likely has COVID-19, as those terms are defined in Order C19-31-I, must quarantine themselves and follow the applicable recommendations for quarantine according to their vaccination status in alignment with the Self-Quarantine Instructions for Individuals Exposed to COVID-19, contained within the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Guidance on Isolation and Quarantine for COVID-19 Contract Tracing, dated October 22, 2021. Full guidance and details are located here: https://www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CID/DCDC/Pages/COVID-19/Guidance-on-Isolation-and-Quarantine-for-COVID-19-Contact-Tracing.aspx.  This order shall also apply to any future amendments to the state guidance. Quarantine is required because a person who had close contact with a person who has COVID-19, or a person who likely has COVID-19, as those terms are defined in the Blanket Isolation Order (C19-31-I), and they may become infected with COVID-19 and can easily spread the virus to others.  Quarantine restricts the movement of persons who were exposed to a contagious disease in case they become infected.
  3. Any person who must quarantine under the Quarantine Guidance must stay in their home, or another residence, for the entirety of their quarantine period because they are at high risk for developing and spreading COVID-19. Quarantined persons may not leave their place of quarantine, or enter any other public or private place, except to receive necessary medical care or during an emergency that requires evacuation to protect the health and safety of the person.
  4. If a quarantined person becomes sick with fever (fever is a body temperature of 100.4F, or higher), cough, shortness of breath, or any other symptom consistent with COVID-19 (even if their symptoms are very mild), they should isolate themselves at home and away from other people and test for COVID-19 in accordance with Blanket Isolation Order (C19-31-I).  This is because they are a person who likely has COVID-19, and if so, can spread it to vulnerable people.  If a medical professional determines, based upon testing for COVID-19, that their symptoms are not due to COVID-19, then the person may discontinue home isolation but shall continue to follow the Quarantine Guidance.
  5. Notwithstanding the foregoing, first responder agency workers who are close contacts are not subject to this Order under the following circumstances:
    1. The worker informs their employer about the worker’s close contact to a lab-confirmed case;
    2. The worker is asymptomatic, and the worker’s employer determines that the essential operations of the workplace would be compromised by quarantine of the worker and that no alternate staff can perform the same role.
    3. The worker receives a negative test for COVID-19 prior to returning to work;
    4. The worker receives a second test for COVID-19 anytime between day-8 and day-10 from the last date that they were in contact with the case;
    5. The worker must monitor their temperature and symptoms daily and report any symptoms consistent with COVID-19 to their employer, wear full PPE including facemasks while working, avoid any invasive procedures while working during their quarantine period, and the worker may only go from home-to-work until 14-days from the last date that they were in contact with the case.
    6. If the worker develops any symptoms consistent with COVID-19, or receives a positive test for COVID-19, within 14-days from the last date that they were in close contact with the case, then they must isolate and comply with Section 4 above.
  6. Healthcare personnel shall comply with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Interim Guidance for Managing Healthcare Personnel with SARS-CoV-2 Infection or Exposure to SARS-CoV-2, which can be located here: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/guidance-risk-assesment-hcp.html.
  7. The Sonoma County Health Officer may take additional action(s), which may include civil detention or requiring an individual to stay at a health facility or other location, to protect the public’s health if an individual who is subject to this Order violates or fails to comply with this Order.  Violation of this Order is a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment, fine or both.
  8. Pursuant to Government Code sections 26602 and 41061 and Health and Safety Code section 101029, the Health Officer requests that the Sheriff and all chiefs of police in the County ensure compliance and enforce this Order.  The violation of any provision of this Order constitutes an imminent threat to public health.
  9. Copies of the Order shall promptly be made available (1) at the County Administration Center at 575 Administration Drive in Santa Rosa (2) by posting on the County’s website and (3) to any member of the public requesting a copy.


Dr. Sundari R. Mase, MD, MPH
Health Officer, County of Sonoma