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Sonoma County COVID-19 vaccine and treatment information

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COVID-19 treatment

Most people can treat mild symptoms of COVID-19 at home with over-the-counter medicine, however there are several COVID-19 treatments that may be prescribed to you by a health care provider based on your symptoms and risk factors. While COVID-19 treatments are not a substitute for the COVID-19 vaccine, they are an option to treat certain high-risk people who are already sick. The vaccine remains the best option to train your immune system and prevent severe illness. To learn more, visit the California Department of Public Health’s Get the Facts on COVID-19 Treatments and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Treatments Your Healthcare Provider Might Recommend if You Are Sick.

Test to Treat program: If you test positive and qualify for treatment, you can be prescribed and given medication on-site at all LHI testing locations. Visit CDPH’s COVID-19 Test to Treat page for more information or visit LHI’s website for testing times and locations. Please note: Though each site should offer this option, please check with LHI personnel as you arrive to be certain that the clinic has the necessary staffing to prescribe medication on-site.

Telehealth Equity Program: CDPH has contracted with a telehealth provider, Sesame Care, to provide access to doctors to prescribe COVID-19 treatments to patients. This program is free for patients and partnering organizations. The telehealth program is intended for equity priority populations only. Sesame’s telehealth team is trained in supporting individuals with diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. Available appointment hours are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day of the week. English- and Spanish-speaking HCPs available for
appointments, and a language line is available for translation in other languages.

  • After testing positive, the patient schedules an appointment via phone call, weblink, or QR code. Wait times should be less than 15 minutes if the patient wants to see a HCP immediately.
  • Actual appointments occur via phone or video. Video visits do not require new software.
  • If appropriate, HCPs send a prescription for the patient to a nearby pharmacy or other pharmacy of the patient’s choice.
  • Sesame Care follows up with the patient to ensure they were able to get the medication and they are taking it as directed.
  • Patients can access the CDPH COVID-19 Test to Treat Telehealth Equity Program by calling (833) 686-5051, or visiting sesamecare.com/covidca


To support and promote the equitable administration of COVID-19 vaccine across Sonoma County.


To vaccinate all eligible residents of Sonoma County.



We will promote equity in vaccine delivery by supporting vulnerable communities with resources to ensure access and reduce barriers to vaccinations. This includes ensuring equity is included in the planning and execution of vaccine operations. We will proactively engage and be responsive to groups that have traditionally been marginalized in the healthcare community.

Community engagement

We will actively engage with the community through proactive communication and outreach strategies including direct engagement, various forms of media, community based organizations, and stakeholder groups.

Healthcare partnerships

We will partner with health providers across the County to support vaccine administration in the constellation of vaccine centers across the county as well as their core health centers and hospitals. We will act as leaders to provide communication and collaboration so that the greater healthcare community will work together to support the County’s mission and equity framework.

Access to vaccine centers

We will work with providers and stakeholders to reduce or eliminate barriers for those that have limited access to vaccine clinics including those with disabilities that restrict access and communities that are underserved by healthcare providers.

Information transparency

We will be transparent, providing accurate information to help people make vaccine decisions that are best for them. We will provide facts about benefits and risks of receiving COVID vaccines and share meaningful information about the county’s progress towards meeting its vaccine administration and equity goals.

Vaccine safety

We will support vaccine providers with information and advice so that they can safely receive, store, distribute and administer vaccine.

Vaccine distribution

Feeling confident about the vaccine

Community and health