Sonoma County COVID-19 Vaccine Information

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COVID-19 Vaccine Update

The supply of COVID-19 vaccines in the United States is currently plentiful and many clinics are offering walk-up services.


To support and promote the equitable administration of COVID-19 vaccine across Sonoma County.


To vaccinate all eligible residents of Sonoma County.



We will promote equity in vaccine delivery by supporting vulnerable communities with resources to ensure access and reduce barriers to vaccinations. This includes ensuring equity is included in the planning and execution of vaccine operations. We will proactively engage and be responsive to groups that have traditionally been marginalized in the healthcare community.

Community Engagement

We will actively engage with the community through proactive communication and outreach strategies including direct engagement, various forms of media, community based organizations, and stakeholder groups.

Healthcare Partnerships

We will partner with health providers across the County to support vaccine administration in the constellation of vaccine centers across the county as well as their core health centers and hospitals. We will act as leaders to provide communication and collaboration so that the greater healthcare community will work together to support the County’s mission and equity framework.

Access to Vaccine Centers

We will work with providers and stakeholders to reduce or eliminate barriers for those that have limited access to vaccine clinics including those with disabilities that restrict access and communities that are underserved by healthcare providers.

Information Transparency

We will be transparent, providing accurate information to help people make vaccine decisions that are best for them. We will provide facts about benefits and risks of receiving COVID vaccines and share meaningful information about the county’s progress towards meeting its vaccine administration and equity goals.

Vaccine Safety

We will support vaccine providers with information and advice so that they can safely receive, store, distribute and administer vaccine.

Vaccine Distribution

Feeling Confident about the Vaccine

Community & Health