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California and Sonoma County lifted COVID-19 emergency health orders Feb. 28. The federal government will end the national public health emergency May 11. This means that there will be fewer free resources available to mitigate COVID-19. Those with health insurance should be able to access care through their providers, but those without health insurance will notice decreasing availability of free testing, treatment and vaccines in the coming months. While no-cost options are still available on a limited basis, county health officials encourage those without insurance to apply for Medi-Cal and contact local community health centers for overall health care needs, including COVID-19.

March 24, 2023 8:15 a.m.

Sonoma County Coronavirus Data at a Glance

COVID-19 Metric Cases Deaths Vaccine Doses Administered Percent 5+ Partially Vaccinated Percent 5+ Fully Vaccinated
Total 115,098 548 1,281,588 5.8% 84.1%
Change in Last 24 Hours +26 +0 +89 0.00% +0.00%

Data updates occur 5 days a week, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). For more COVID-19 data and statistics see the interactive Coronavirus Data Dashboard or the accessible Sonoma County Coronavirus Cases, Sonoma County Vaccine Data, and Sonoma County TK-12 Cases pages.

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