June 25, 2020 2:18 PM

What kind of support is available to people who are under quarantine?

If you are identified as a contact, you should stay at home and quarantine. If you cannot quarantine safely at home for any reason, the County has a place where you can stay during your quarantine, free of charge. The County of Sonoma has partnered with Sonoma State University to operate an Alternate Care Site (ACS). This is a safe, comfortable place which is open to any person in Sonoma County who needs a place to stay to avoid infecting other household members. People who are not able to keep isolated from others in their home, especially those who live with vulnerable people (adults 65 and older, people with underlying health conditions, etc.), may wish to stay at the ACS. Lodging, meals, and Wi-Fi are provided free of charge.

Help while under quarantine:

Many people are concerned about work and daily activities if they have to be quarantined. The County can help find resources to meet your specific needs, including how to manage loss of income, pay rent, purchase or obtain food, medicines and other essentials while quarantined. Visit the Finance & Housing Assistance page on for more information.