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November 2, 2020 1:18 PM

My home did not burn, but fencing and/or small outbuildings (shed, chicken coop., etc.) on my property did. Does my property qualify for an exemption from the Phase 1 and Phase 2 debris removal requirements?

All properties identified in the State’s damage assessment report WILL BE included in Phase 1 Household Hazardous Sweeps. View map to see if your property is included.

A property may be approved for an exemption from Phase 2 debris removal if the only burned debris on the property is from:

  • A fence
  • Non-structural wood material
  • Non-residential structure(s) that combined total less than 120 square feet
  • Approval is received from Sonoma County Environmental Health or the City of Santa Rosa (jurisdiction specific)

A property falling within the above listed circumstances may apply to the Sonoma County Environmental Health or the City of Santa Rosa to receive an exemption from the Phase 2 debris removal process and follow the exemption requirements.

Additional exemptions may be granted on a case by case basis where the structure is greater than 120 square feet and all material contained within the structure is inert.

For residents of the unincorporated County area, call Sonoma County Environmental Health if you have questions about an exemption at 707-565-6700 and press “2” when prompted to make a selection.

For residents of the City of Santa Rosa, call 707-543-4649 or email rebuild@srcity.org.