July 13, 2020 1:40 PM

May my employer require that I get a test to show that I no longer have COVID-19 before returning to work?

The short answer is yes, an employer can ask you for proof that you are no longer infectious, but having a test after your illness is not the best way to determine this. Many people can continue to have a positive test result for several months after being ill, even though they can no longer infect others. If you have been in isolation for 10 days since your symptoms first appeared or since your positive test, you have not had any fever in the last 24 hours, and you are feeling better, you are very unlikely to be infectious unless you have other health conditions that may prolong your infectiousness. If your employer is asking for proof before you can return to work, the Health Department can help by providing a self-release letter that you can complete, stating you have completed your isolation period and may return to work. You may request a letter by discussing this with your County contact tracer or by calling the COVID-19 Hotline at 707-565-4667.