• May 1, 2020 2:49 PM

Can a licensed home-based daycare operate?

Can a licensed home-based daycare operate?

Can a licensed home-based daycare operate? 150 150 Sonoma County Emergency and Preparedness Information

A home-based day care is considered a childcare facility and must comply with the mandatory requirements for operation of such facilities under the Order.


The requirements for childcare facilities are:

  • Childcare must be carried out in stable groups of 12 or fewer (“stable” means that the same 12 or fewer children are in the same group each day).
  • Children shall not change from one group to another.
  • If there are more than one group of children is cared for at one facility, each group shall be in a separate room. Groups shall not mix with each other.
  • Childcare providers shall remain solely with one group of children.
  • Facial Coverings are not required for children younger than age two (2).
  • The Health Officer encourages (but doesn’t require) facial coverings for children two (2) years of age or older while they are in a childcare facility.
  • The Health Officer encourages parents and childcare providers to follow the guidance of the American Association of Pediatrics when masking children over two years of age. (https://services.aap.org/en/pages/2019-novel-coronavirus-covid-19-infections/masks-and-children-during-covid-19/).
  • Facial Covering practices should be consistent with the cognitive and developmental capabilities of the child when in a childcare setting.
  • Naptime is an exception to the facial covering requirement as children should not be masked when they are sleeping; napping children should observe social distancing (nap 6 feet apart).



These businesses are subject to the Social Distancing Protocol and applicable State and local requirements and guidance. These businesses should also regularly check CDC guidance for Guidance for Child Care Programs that Remain Open for best practices. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/schools-childcare/guidance-for-childcare.html