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July 7, 2020 1:34 PM

An evacuation order or warning has been issued, but I do not have a vehicle to get to the care and shelter site.

If possible, use a taxi or ride-share service (e.g., Uber, Lyft) to transport you to the care and shelter site. If you are unable to coordinate a ride, or you do not have transportation and are in immediate danger, call 911. Pop-up staging areas for transportation will occur in evacuation zones, check back on SoCoEmergency.org for a location near you.

If you are an individual who is COVID-19 positive, please refrain from using public transportation if possible. Consider having an evacuation plan that minimizes exposure to others.  If you need to use public transportation or share a vehicle during an evacuation, wear a face covering and sit as far away from others as possible.

If you are an individual who has a disability or other access or functional needs, contact a paratransit provider near you ahead of time to create a plan:

Paratransit Providers

ATC/Intelitran (San Francisco) (415) 351-7000
Napa Valley Transit (707) 257-9217
Petaluma Paratransit (707) 778-4460
Rohnert Park Sunshine Bus (707) 257-9217
Whistle Stop Wheels (Marin) (415) 456-9062
Mendocino Transit Authority (Fort Bragg) (707) 964-1800
Sonoma County Paratransit/Volunteer Wheels (707) 573-3377

Contact your local transit provider to discuss alternative transportation options.