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Debris Insurance Collection – Setting Aside Insurance Claim Funds

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Set aside insurance claim funds designated for debris removal

  • If you have homeowner’s insurance, and receive a check for your dwelling, other structures, contents and/or vegetation claim coverages – depending on your policy – this may include an amount designated for debris removal.
  • In coordination with the state, the County of Sonoma will work with you to collect the amount specified for debris removal in your insurance.
  • In the meantime, do not spend any funds from your insurance claim payment that are specified for debris removal for other rebuilding activities.
  • It is important to consult with your insurance provider to be certain of your policy and coverages for debris removal. Oftentimes, debris removal payments are combined with other insurance payments, so property owners should confirm with their insurance provider if any of the funds they receive are designated for debris removal.
  • Save your receipts for any private debris removal work.
  • Some residential properties may require additional debris removal after the State contractors have left a property. Property owners who require additional debris removal may hire private contractors and use their debris removal insurance proceeds provided the activity for which the costs were incurred was otherwise covered by the policy category.
  • It is important that you save your receipts for any private debris removal costs.
  • The County of Sonoma will only collect reimbursement for the government-sponsored debris removal program if there are any debris removal funds left unspent in your insurance coverage after you have completed the private removal.
  • You will need to provide your receipts to the county for verification of the private removal work.

California Department of Insurance resources

Homeowners’ insurance policies cover costs for debris removal in a few different ways. You should consult your specific insurance policy and/or adjuster to determine how debris removal benefits are paid to you. An insurance fact sheet from the California Department of Insurance explains different coverages and the two typical kinds of homeowners’ insurance. The department’s top tips for wildfire claimants also offers advice to those who lost their homes in the fires.