Vehicle Survival Kits

Emergency car survival kits should contain a minimum of  24 hours worth of emergency supplies for car emergency preparedness.

Vehicle Survival Kit Contents

Disaster can happen any time. Americans Spend an Average of 17,600 Minutes Driving Each Year.

Most people are never too far from their car.

Having a kit in your car makes sense.

Include the following in your Vehicle Survival Kit:

  • Water – (3) 8 oz. boxes or pouches of water (5 year shelf life)
  • Food – (3) Meal Size Energy Bars (5 year shelf life)
  • Warmth/Shelter – (1) Emergency Blankets, (2) 12 hr. Body Warmers, (1) Emergency Poncho
  • Medical Supplies – (1) First Aid/Medical Kit, (1) Medical Gloves Set
  • Lighting – Flashlight with batteries, (6) Lightsticks
  • Support Supplies – Whistle, Work Gloves, Dust Mask, Pack Wet Wipes, 30 Gallon Plastic Bag, Waterproof Matches, Multifunction Tool
  • Package – One Bag or Bucket with Handle

Note: Replace perishable items like water, food, medications, and batteries on a yearly basis.

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