Personal Preparedness Kit

Personal Survival Kits should contain a minimum of 72 hours worth essential supplies you’ll need, including emergency water, food, blankets, lights, dust mask and other survival supplies that will help you through any situation.

Personal Kit Contents

Everyone in your family should have their own personal disaster kits. These kits are collections of supplies they may need when a quake strikes, no matter where they are in the Bay Area.Personalize these kits and keep them where they can easily be reached—at home, in the car, at work or school. A backpack or other small bag is best for these kits so that they can be easily carried in an evacuation.

Include the following items:

  • Water – (6) 8 oz. boxes or pouches of water (5 year life)
  • Food – (9) Meal Size Energy Bars (5 year life)
  • Warmth/Shelter – (1) Emergency Blanket, (3) 12 hr. Body Warmers, (1) Emergency Poncho
  • Medical Supplies – (1) First Aid/Medical Kit, (3) Pill box, (3) pair Medical Gloves
  • Lighting – (1) “D” Flashlight with batteries
  • Radio – (1) AM/FM Emergency Radio with batteries
  • Support Supplies – (1) whistle, (3) pairs work gloves, (3) dust masks, (1) pack wet wipes, (1) Pocket Tissue Package, (1) 30 Gallon Plastic Bag, (3) 10 Gallon Plastic Bags
  • Packaging – One Bag or bucket with handle

Plus the following personalized items:

  • Medications and medical consent forms for dependents.
  • First aid kit and handbook.
  • Spare eyeglasses and personal hygiene supplies.
  • Bottled water.
  • Emergency cash.
  • List of emergency contact phone numbers.
  • Comfort items, such as games, crayons, writing materials, and teddy bears.