Maps & Data

Recovery & Flood Maps

Recovery & Flood Map
An interactive map with curbside debris removal information, including road closures, disposal sites, etc.

2019 Lower Russian River Curbside Debris Collection Zones

2019 Winter Storms & Flooding Story Map

Story Map
An interactive map that tells the County story of the response and recovery actions and efforts taken during the 2019 Winter Storms & Flooding disaster.

Other Maps

Road Closures & Delays
Road closures and delays on county roads and city streets within Sonoma County. This list does not include events on state highways, private roads, or any roads outside of Sonoma County.

Emergency Shelters
Hot weather, cold weather, and emergency shelters currently open in Sonoma County.

Hospitals & Medical Facilities
Locations where individuals and families can receive emergency medical care.


About our Interactive Maps

Several locations have been pre-identified throughout the county to serve as shelters, local assistance centers, volunteer reception centers, etc. Which sites will be utilized depends upon the type and scope of the emergency. Only active locations will be displayed on these maps.

These maps are dynamic and the content will change periodically based on the nature of the emergency or disaster, and location status.