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About our Interactive Maps

Several locations have been pre-identified throughout the county to serve as shelters, local assistance centers, volunteer reception centers, etc.

  • The list of sites utilized will depend upon the type and scope of the emergency.
  • Only active locations will be displayed on these maps.
  • During times of non-emergency, no locations will be active.

Please note: These maps are dynamic and the content will change periodically based on the nature of the emergency or disaster, and location status.

Power Shutoff Map

View the County of Sonoma’s GIS map to see areas of Sonoma County that PG&E has indicated may lose power during the 10/8 power outage.

Road closures map logo

Road Closures & Delays

Road closures and delays on county roads and city streets within Sonoma County. This list does not include events on state highways, private roads, or any roads outside of Sonoma County.

Emergency shelter

Emergency Shelters

Hot weather, cold weather, and emergency shelters currently open in Sonoma County.

Medical Facilities

Medical Facilities

Hospitals and medical facilities where you can receive emergency medical care.

Debris pickup

Debris Sites

Locations where hazardous materials, waste, and debris can be taken in the event of a disaster.

Volunteer Center logo

Local Assistance Centers and Volunteer Centers

Locations where individuals, families and businesses can access available disaster assistance programs and services or where individuals can volunteer.

Emergency Assembly Point

Pickup Points

Evacuation pick up locations in the event of an emergency or disaster.

Road sign: school crossing

School Closures

A list of schools that have been closed due to a local emergency.

Application Access

These links are for emergency response partners operating within Sonoma County.

Please note: This information is For Official Use Only and is not intended for the general public.