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There are no active emergencies at this time

There are no active emergencies at this time 120 120 Sonoma County Emergency and Preparedness Information

If there were an active emergency, detailed information on the emergency will be posted here. The County of Sonoma strongly recommends signing up for SoCoAlerts and Nixle to make sure you receive phone calls and/or texts with critical information in the event of an immediate threat to life or property.

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If an actual emergency were in progress, relevant information will be posted on the following pages:

  • Warnings & Updates – List of all warnings, alerts and updates relevant to the current situation.
  • Evacuation Orders – Summary and current status of evacuation orders.
  • Shelter Information – List of open emergency shelters
  • Road Closures & Delays – Closures and delays on county roads and city streets within Sonoma County.  Does not include state highways and private roads.
  • Maps & Data – List of maps and reports related to the current emergency.
  • Health Concerns – Summary of relevant health concerns related to the current emergency.
  • School Closures – Each school district independently decides whether to close, based on local conditions.
  • Missing People & Pets – Information and resources for missing people and lost pets.
  • Press Releases – Current press releases from the County of Sonoma