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2021 Community Evacuation Exercises

The County of Sonoma, Department of Emergency Management will conduct community-specific evacuation exercises throughout the County and invite Sonoma County residents to participate.

These exercises will provide public safety departments an opportunity to practice alerting an area using the Hi-Lo sirens, test the County alerting system, and residents can practice evacuating and leaving their neighborhood area.

There are two exercises planned for 2021. Information specific to each exercise date and community is in the sections below.

Why Participate? This is a great opportunity for you and your family to practice evacuating your home and neighborhood. It also helps familiarize you with your local roads available for evacuation. For public safety agencies, it provides a safe environment to practice evacuating residents using those routes and exercise our SoCo Alert notification system.

When: Saturday, June 19 at 9 a.m. PDT

Where: Camp Meeker & Occidental area residents will practice evacuating and travel to the Sebastopol Center for the Arts, located at 282 S High St, Sebastopol

Who can participate: Residents of Camp Meeker and Occidental area neighborhoods are welcome to participate! Be sure to register to receive the alert of when the drill starts.

If you are a resident and would like to participate in the drill:

  1. Fill out the registration form online. The contact numbers you provide are for this drill only. Registration is encouraged to receive the alert for the drill and fully participate.


Registration will close on Thursday, June 17.

Only one (1) Registration per household is necessary.

Registration Form


2. Make a print of the area roads map and draw out your own evacuation routes. Think about roads that you might not normally use everyday.

3. Make note or print the information below so you can reference it on the day of the drill.

What to Expect on Drill Day – Saturday, June 19th

  1. On the day of the drill, you will receive a SoCo Alert on your phone announcing the beginning of the drill and an exercise message. The phone number will come up as: (866) 419-5000
  2. Practice as if this were a real emergency by immediately evacuating your home and go to the Meeting Location which will be at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts (282 S High St, Sebastopol). From Bodega Ave, turn onto Jewell Ave, left to Willow Street, then left to S High St. Signs will be visible to direct you.
  3. At the Sebastopol Center for the Arts, you will be given a survey with general questions about your evacuation planning and about the exercise.


Complete the survey online 


  1. To prepare for future emergencies, please sign up for SoCoAlert. Filling out the Drill Registration form will NOT sign you up for SoCo Alert.

Please be aware there will be increased traffic on roads including Public Safety vehicles that may be using the Hi-Lo emergency sirens. Please be aware of the increased traffic for your safety and the safety of others.


If you have any questions, please call Jorge Rodriguez at 707-565-6095 or email at

Why: The purpose of this exercise is to familiarize residents with local designated routes for evacuation; safely practice evacuating residents using those routes; exercise our SoCo Alert system to notify participating residents and facilitate residents to register for the County’s alerting system.

When: Saturday, June 5th from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00am PDT

Where: Fitch Mountain Community

Who: Permanent and seasonal residents of the Fitch Mountain Community

If you are a resident and would like to participate in the drill:

  • Registration has now closed
  • Registration is required in order to receive the alert for the exercise and fully participate (the contact information you provide will be for this community exercise only).
  • Registration period will end on Thursday, June 3rd (two days prior to the event) so please make sure you register on time!

SoCo Alert

  • To prepare for and be notified of future emergencies, please sign up for SoCoAlert
  • Filling out the exercise registration form will not sign you up for SoCo Alert.

Event map and Sequence

  • Familiarize yourself with the map below, which shows the exercise footprint, evacuation routes to be used and assembly point for this exercise. You may wish to print this map to reference it on the day of the exercise.
  • On the morning of, registered participants will receive a SoCo Alert notification on their phones prompting them to evacuate to the designated assembly point.
  • A Hi-Lo siren will also be employed by a public safety officer to alert participants of the start of the exercise.
  • Participants will evacuate using the following designated evacuation routes:
    • From N. Fitch Mountain Rd: continue onto Powell Ave., turn right on Healdsburg Ave. towards the assembly point.
    • From S. Fitch Mountain Rd: continue onto Matheson St., turn right on Healdsburg Ave. towards the assembly point.
  • Upon arrival at the assembly point, participants may wish to stay longer and debrief about their experience, fill out a quick survey and engage with several community preparedness partners who will be in an outdoor setup with information and resources to hand out.

Assembly Point

Online Survey

Complete the survey online 


Completar la encuesta en línea

COVID-19 and other considerations

  • This exercise will comply with the County’s COVID-19 public health protocols throughout this exercise.
  • All participants must wear mask/face covering and practice social distancing when not in their vehicles.
  • Due to the nature of this exercise, it is advised not to bring your pet animals to the assembly point. However, we strongly encourage participants to take advantage of this exercise to think about/practice gathering the essential pet items needed in the event of a real evacuation.
  • Participants should take this exercise seriously. Please don’t wait until the last minute to evacuate as it will defeat the purpose of this exercise.


If you have any questions, please contact Richard Diaz at

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The recent fires in the state are evidence that our residents are in increasing danger from wildfire. Fires are larger, faster moving and burning in more inhabited areas.
  • If a large, wind-driven wildfire were to impact the County, residents may need to evacuate.
  • This also gives residents a chance to participate traveling their evacuation routes and become more familiar with their neighborhood.
  • Evacuation helps first responders meet their primary response priority – Life Safety!
    • All other response objectives must wait until the life safety concerns have been mitigated.
      • Life Safety
      • Property Conservation
      • Incident Stabilization
    • Early evacuation clears roadways so first responders can work to save homes and property and control the incident.


  • These communities have a high risk of being impacted by a wildland fire.
  • They have an active, organized community group that help facilitate the exercise planning.
  • The local COPE (Citizens Organized to Prepare for Emergencies) group as well as Fire Safe Councils and residents support emergency preparedness which has been demonstrated in their engagement throughout this exercise planning process; they have been a critical link between exercise organizers and the residents.
  • Sonoma County Alert and Warning System (SoCo Alert) to notify residents.
  • Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office will also use the Hi-Lo sirens in neighborhoods as part of the exercise.
  • We will strengthen collaboration among response agencies and community partners participating in the exercise planning.
  • After the exercise, residents will be asked to complete a survey so we can learn what worked, the experience of evacuating, and where we need improvement related to evacuation preparedness.
  • We will conduct an after-action review following the drill where we will highlight lessons learned.
  • The exercise team will prepare a narrative report summarizing what was done to organize the drill, lessons learned and recommendations for corrective actions to be taken.

Fitch Mountain

  • Fitch Mountain Citizens Organized to Prepare for Emergencies (COPE)
  • City of Healdsburg
  • City of Healdsburg – Police Department
  • City of Healdsburg – Fire Department
  • Cal FIRE
  • American Red Cross
  • North Sonoma County Community Emergency Response Team (NoCo CERT)
  • Horses and Livestock Team Emergency Response (HALTER)
  • Sonoma Community Animal Response Team (CART)
  • Sonoma County Department of Emergency Management
  • Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office

Camp Meeker/Occidental

  • Sonoma County Department of Emergency Management
  • Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office
  • Cal Fire
  • Fire Safe Occidental
  • Fire Safe Camp Meeker
  • Camp Meeker Volunteer Fire Department
  • Occidental Fire Department
  • Gold Ride Fire Protection District
  • Sebastopol Police Department
  • Sebastopol Fire Department
  • Absolutely. We hope to continue this Community Evacuation Drill program and will plan additional drills in the future.

Calendar of Educational Events & Exercises

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