COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution – Phase 1 Population Details

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Populations Targeted for Phase 1 COVID-19 Vaccinations

Persons at risk of exposure to Covid-19 through their work in direct health care or long-term care settings, have been prioritized in the Phase 1 distribution plan according to the following groups.

Phase 1a Populations

Healthcare personnel at risk of exposure< we are here

Tier 1

  • Acute care, psychiatric and correctional facility hospitals
  • Skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, and similar settings for older or medically vulnerable individuals (includes residents in these settings)
  • EMTs, Paramedics
  • Dialysis Center Staff

Tier 2

  • Intermediate Care (non-continuous nursing supervision)
  • Home health care
  • In home supportive services
  • Community health workers and promotoras
  • Public health field staff
  • Primary care clinics, FQHCs
  • Rural health centers
  • Correctional facility clinics
  • Urgent care clinics

Tier 3

  • Specialty clinics
  • Laboratory workers
  • Dental/Oral health clinics
  • Pharmacy staff

Phase 1b Populations

Tier 1

  • Individuals 65 and older
  • Those at risk of exposure at work in the following sectors:
    • Education and childcare
    • Emergency services
    • Food and agriculture

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Tier 2

  • Those at risk of exposure at work in the following sectors:
    • Transportation and logistics
    • Industrial, commercial, residential, and sheltering facilities and services
    • Critical manufacturing
  • Congregate settings with outbreak risk:
    • Incarcerated
    • Homeless

Phase 1c Populations

  • Individuals 50 -64 years of age
  • People 16-49 years of age who have an underlying health condition or disability which increases their risk of severe COVID-19
  • Those at risk of exposure at work in the following sectors:
    • Water and wastewater
    • Defense
    • Energy
    • Chemical and hazardous materials
    • Communications and IT
    • Financial services
    • Government operations / community-based essential functions

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