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Community-Based Partners: COVID Resources

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Sonoma County is fortunate to collaborate with a number of community-based organizations that are dedicated to ensuring that those with less access and resources receive current information and direct access to programs and services. Following are just a few of our trusted organizations:

Latino Service Providers (LSP)

Latino Service Providers (LSP) works with community partners to engage, collaborate, and exchange valuable information; to increase awareness of available resources, access to programs and services; to influence public policy, delivery of services, enhance inter-agency communication; and to promote professional development within the Latinx community.

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Center for Well-Being

The Center for Well-Being is tackling chronic disease from all angles—giving you the tools you need to live a full, healthy life. We offer classes to help you curb the effects of diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and more. We plant the seeds of nutrition and active living. We get out into the community to prevent chronic disease through education, mobilization, and advocacy. And from businesses to healthcare providers, government agencies to schools, we’re putting disease on notice with our shared mission. We’re gaining ground on the promise of lifelong health. We’re the Center for Well-Being.

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Health professionals united by a common conviction that health is a human right and that all human beings deserve to be treated with dignity and respect regardless of their country of origin, immigration status, race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, or any other factor. We are committed to being more civically-engaged, helping to foster an understanding of the impact of policies on health, addressing racial disparities, denouncing xenophobia, intolerance, and hatred, protecting access to health insurance and full spectrum reproductive health services, and defending environmental and social justice.

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Raizes Collective

Raizes Collective, based in Santa Rosa, was established in June 2015 to empower and mobilize community through the arts, culture and environmental education and serves the bilingual and bicultural communities of Sonoma County. Our collective came together to offer artists and teachers of color the resources of space, programming, events, shows and activities to affect social and political change through art and community building. We believe this facilitates healing of the divisions within our diverse communities.

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