Business Self-Certification for re-opening during COVID-19

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In order to open, businesses must commit to meeting or exceeding requirements of the Business Mitigation Practices put into place by the County of Sonoma to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Sonoma County Business Mitigation Practices and Self-Certification

General Information:

Before starting the Business Self Certification process, review required State Guidance for your industry and Appendix A Social Distancing Protocol & COVID-19 Site-Specific Protection Plan.

This Appendix A “Social Distancing Protocol & COVID-19 Site-Specific Protection Plan” Template applies to all businesses, and combines local with state-level guidance published in the California State Resilience Roadmap.

The State of California requires all businesses to:

  1. Perform a detailed risk assessment and implement a site-specific protection plan (SPP)
  2. Train employees on how to limit the spread of COVID-19, including how to screen themselves for symptoms and stay home if they have them
  3. Implement individual control measures and screenings
  4. Implement disinfecting protocols
  5. Implement physical distancing guidelines

As the COVID-19 public health crisis continues to evolve and new Public Health Orders are issued or amended both at the State and local levels, amendments to individual businesses’ Social Distancing Protocol COVID-19 Site-Specific Protection Plans may be needed in order to incorporate new requirements.

We’re Here for You

For any questions about mitigation measures or for how to best modify your business to comply with necessary requirements, contact Sonoma EDB at

Business Self-Certification Form

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