Medical Testing

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Coronavirus Testing

If you have symptoms and are concerned about COVID-19, please contact your primary care provider, and they will make the determination if you should be tested for COVID-19. Currently, testing is being reserved for those who are considered most at risk. There is currently a shortage of resources to collect specimens for testing. Currently, there are enough tests in the County.

Proactive Testing

Proactive testing for coronavirus in our community has concluded. The County of Sonoma recently conducted an “enhanced surveillance” program to test between 60 and 80 patients, half with flu-like symptoms and underlying medical conditions, and half with flu-like symptoms but otherwise healthy. This testing took place at medical facilities dispersed around the county to determine whether the coronavirus is being transmitted from person to person.

The testing served its purpose. The results confirmed that community transmission is occurring in Sonoma County. Providers are now referring people for testing using revised, expanded criteria.